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  What I have been working:  A Fast one hour tie dye test. The results so far are good. With MX dyes on Soda Ash goods(35g/l) hour in lab oven at 140F in a moist environment in a and air tight container. Used these formulas in production run and had good lab to production repeatability. More needed,, Stay tuned.



    When did you last test your dye shipment . 

1. Easiest,,,,Check the weight of the drum vs the invoice?

2. Check for strength and shade?



    How to Wash a Tie dyes Reactive Dyes on garment dyeing for good wash fastness.

1.  Cold 50-60f water wash 5 mins(2 for dark shades) Extract

2. 130f wash with 1% surfactant 5 mins ( I have found PVP in the scour helps)

3. 160F wash with 1% surfactant 5 mins

4. cold 50-60f wash till clear .when clear add softener raise 120 f 10 mins take out  a (nonionic softener for best color results)




    Sample dyeing,,,,the curse of the production dyer.

    The sample dye lot is "carrot" to get the BIG ORDER. 

    It's most important to put your best effort into that sample to get 

       the next order. Your customer maybe showing it to his customer, again           trying to get an order. A bad sample dyeing is a Bad reflection on you              and your company. Samples must be given the same QC as a regular dye        lot. Remember it has your name on it.


4/17/18 "Take Care of the Small Problems and The Large Problems Take Care of Themselves." Mixing dye is the most basic and one of the most important jobs in the drug room. Using the wrong temperature and quantity of water can led to all kinds of spotting  problems. Different dye classes have different requirements. Some need to add acid(Basic dyes) some are helped with dispersing agents. If you don't know or your not sure,,,,STOP.  Read TDS or call the supplier for the proper instructions. Also remember that dyestuff solubility may change with different dye lots. Always error on the side of safety.   


4/18/18 "Take Care of the Small Problems and The Large Problems Take Care of Themselves." Hot,Cold

     What's a hot rinse,,,whats a cold rinse. Mix reactive,disperse dye in warm, mix directs, acids, basic in hot. WRONG  WRONG WRONG. Now you know how I feel. Put a temperature number to that request.

Rinse cold---say rinse 50f. Scour Hot---scour 160f. Or what ever you really want the temp to be. Say the temp in numbers. Everybody has a different meaning for cold,warm or hot.