about me 

                   ABOUT ME

    I am 3rd generation dyer, originally from New Bedford Ma. I moved to Cleveland Ohio when my step-dad took a job as a dyer at Phoenix Dye Works. Phoenix was a large package and skein yarn commission dyehouse. At its peak they dyed 130,000 lb's a day. I started there 1967 working summers in the warehouse and latter moved to the laboratory.  As a lab technician I got interested in "magic"of dyeing and switched my college major from Art to Chemistry, while attending Cleveland State. The Art background helped me greatly when dealing with fashion designers and giving me a good "Color Eye". In the Phoenix lab I received a great exposure to all fibers and all classes of dyes. I also learned many good dyehouse operating systems at a young age, many that I still use today.  

    After I was drafted, then discharged from the Army I went back to the Phoenix lab. I continued my education at Cleveland St taking night classes. I then started looking for more challenging opportunities in textiles. First management job was a position as Laboratory Manager at a polyester Jet knit dyehouse in Virginia. Then as a Head Dyer at a polyester knit jet dyehouse in Randleman N.C.  Then as DH Technical Director/ Plant manager a woolen  piece goods in Winthrope Me. I Moved back to Cleveland and Phoenix for family reasons. 

    I later went to work as the regional Technical Director for a Ciba Geigy Dyestuff Company, at their New England branch laboratory, located in Salem Ma. I was introduced to the Quality Improvement Process. After 5 years Ciba Geigy closed the NE laboratory and I had an opportunity to transition to their technical sales team. Avoiding being  transferred  to the North Carolina lab I took a position at Duro Finishing as Technical Director. Duro Finishing and Print (open width woven synthetics fabrics) located in Fall River Ma. At Duro I was introduced to Military/ Govt. worked with the Natick labs. Also the New York Garment district and spent many days there on different projects. From lot to lot shade variations to cut and sew problems to redesigning fabrics. In that job I also had responsibility for waste water and clean air. Plus traveled to Bentonville AK. HQ's for Walmart, for many different issues. 

      I latter joined Leatex Chemicals as Technical Sales Representative in the late 90's before starting MST a few years ago.

      I also have a older brother Steve, who is a well known and very highly respected package dyer,  mill owner, now retired.

   I have been on both sides of the desk, as the dyer/ purchasing manager in a mill, to the Tec Rep/Salesmen selling the dyes and chemicals. So I know what works and what doesn't. I know what the mills are looking for. My past experience in the mill and in the laboratory has been my strongest asset.

     I am member of the American Association of Textile Chemist and Colorist (AATCC) and past Chairman of the Rhode Island section. I have worked on a few technical teams that presented some interesting papers. Ask me.

    Seven years ago I started this company, so I could focus on what was important to my customers and myself. I can now source and sell products to my technical specification and pricing standards. I sell what I want, to who I want, and have the freedom to go in the direction that is better suited for my customers and my business.

     I am a believer the the Quality Improvement Process(QIP) and have preached its process since being exposed to it at Ciba Geigy. I have help start many mills on that journey. I blend the best of Crosby and Duran QIP methods in the system I teach. "Do it right the first time." "Remember, the Customer Sets the Standards." "Theses are Our Customers, Not Our Victims." "Quality starts with a Positive Attitude."

       Sad to say, many knowledgeable textile people are now gone from the industry. There is a vacuum of textile "know how" in the US textile industry. As the textile industry started it fast decline in the 90's and 2000's after NAFTA was enacted. Many young smart people who lost their textile jobs when the mills closed, went on to other industries with a brighter future. We lost a whole generation of technical people. I hope to fill that void to my customers. And, try to pass on the knowledge that many very smart men and women pasted on to me. And, pass on, that "Hands On,,, Feet on the Ground Know How" to my customers. I not only sell you a product, I am willing to teach you how to use my products in effective conscious manner.

Yes, I am a proud member of the second oldest profession. We made the oldest profession look good in their colorful garments.

I can recommend the proper dyes, chemicals and procedures to give you the best results at the best value for your project.