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"My Mission"


To provide my customers with the best products available that are environmentally safe and cost effective. 


20% of my profits goes to dog and animal recues

  Laboratory, Plant ,Technical S​ervice and Training                          

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What My Customers Are Saying

  • Over the last 17 years Marty has provided us with his 46 years of mill experience. 

A good guy. A knowledgeable textile guy that helps dyers and animal rescues.  A good person to have on your team to solve problems.  

    He has spent many hours at my plant working on technical problems. He is not making much money on this account.


  There just aren't many technical people out there any more to help the mill people on technical issues.  When I have a problem I call him first.  He also donates some of his profits to dog rescues. Marty is also Beekeeper too, a pretty interesting guy.


    His dyes and chemicals are the strongest and most reliable. The quality and consistency of his products is tops. 


    His customer base comes from some of the largest companies in America, like Polartec (Malden Mills) and Duro Finishing to small guys like me. 

   These are a few testimonials from different customer I have received over the years. 

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978-609-0504   [email protected]